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family law servicesDivorce
Family law is very complex, but one area that truly impacts the entire household is divorce. If you and your spouse can’t work things out and you have made the unfortunate decision to go through with a divorce, the team at Knollmeyer Law Office can help. We will offer advice that is objective so that the matter can be resolved as quickly and amicably as possible. Divorce is stressful and can be confusing. We will be your source of valuable and insightful information to help you make wise decisions. Call us today.

Child Custody
Figuring out visiting rights and who will retain custody of the children once the divorce is proceeding is just as trying and difficult as the divorce itself. Together, we will help you and your spouse come to an agreement that will be convenient for you as parents, but most importantly beneficial for the children. At Knollmeyer Law Office we will do our best to help minimize the impact of your divorce by making the process of child custody as seamless as possible. We understand that your decisions regarding child custody are some of the most difficult & important decisions that you will ever make. We are committed to fighting for your child custody and visitation rights. We have represented hundreds of clients in similar matter throughout Central Arkansas.

Child Support
The divorce has been finalized and you can’t seem to get the child support which was agreed upon in the final divorce decree. Too often we encounter clients who have this problem, or are now seeking child support for their children. Let the team at Knollmeyer Law Office work with you to get the child support that will you care for your little one year round. Call Knollmeyer Law Office today. 

Adoptions can be an exciting time in a person’s life, but that excitement can sometimes be shrouded in all the paperwork involved in the process. The team at Knollmeyer Law Office understands the ins and outs of adoption, and is skilled at guiding their clients through a successful adoption. We know that you have many questions about adopting and we would like to help. Let Knollmeyer Law Office help you enjoy the entire adoption process.

We are skilled in a range of adoption cases including:

  • Agency Adoption
  • Identified Adoption
  • Stepparent Adoption

Guardianship may be necessary when a parent dies, abandons a child or becomes incapacitated. We are skilled attorneys who can guide you through the process of setting up legal guardianships. A guardianship may also be necessary to help elderly family members. We can help to establish a guardianship for those who are no longer able to fully care for themselves or to manage financial matters.

For many, the unfortunate situation arises where the paternity of a child is questioned. If you have found yourself in this predicament and need us to represent you in a paternity suit, call Knollmeyer Law Office today. We have extensive experience in this area, and would be delighted to work for you.

To speak with a qualified family lawyer, or for an initial consultation, call Knollmeyer Law Office today!

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